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History of the Methodist Church in Aldershot.

The original Methodist church in this part of the town was the Ash Rd Primitive Methodist Chapel on the corner of Ash Rd and Herrett St. Opened in 1885 and known as "The Ebenezer" it had six foundation stones all bearing the date 14th October 1885. 

The Grosvenor Road Methodist Church was of the Wesleyan branch of Methodism.  The Church was opened on the 24th October 1877 and with a Soldiers Home and Hall this complex served Methodist servicemen for over a hundred years. (The work of the Soldiers Home was transferred to the Smith Dorrien Home in 1925.)

Nationally the two churches, Wesleyans and Primitives, united in 1932 and in Aldershot the churches welcomed the union and continue serving the people of Aldershot to the present day.



Ash Road Methodist Church served as a place of worship until 1958 when the land at the junction of Stone St and Herrett St became available and the church executive sold the old building and built a new church on this site. 

This "new" building, called "Stone Street Methodist Church", served until the 1990's when there was a possibility that the church and land would be sold and the congregation  joined with the Methodist Church in Grosvenor Rd,  however this idea was overtaken when the Aldershot Methodist Military Trust who owned the Grosvenor Rd Church, decided that it could no longer justify the cost of the maintenance of a listed building and so that site  with all other buildings was sold.  This meant that the congregation of Grosvenor Rd was looking for a new home and so the two congregations joined and used "Stone Street" as their place of worship.


To help the members  leave behind old ties and become a new creation, the name Stone Street was dropped and the all-embracing "Aldershot Methodist Church" was adopted.

With the increase in the number of worshippers the whole building needed refurbishment to accommodate the worship needs and activities of the members.  Fundraising by the church members and a gift from the Aldershot Methodist Military Trust enabled the 1958 utilitarian church to be changed into the present attractive and practical premises.

If you have any information about the history of Methodism in Aldershot or used to attend the Sunday School or Youth club in any of the Churches we would be pleased to hear from you. Contact us through our links page.

Read about the history of Primitive Methodism in Aldershot and the surrounding villages and towns in the recently published book: "Prim: Aldershot"  details on the church linked activities page.

 If you wish to know more about the beginnings of Wesleyan Methodism in Aldershot try to obtain the book

"Soldiers and Preachers Too" by Owen Spencer Watkins   reprinted by the Methodist Forces Board.

Try e.bay or amazon. Copies are rare but they do appear from time to time.






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